Strategy 6

Help design and brand STEM PUSH accreditation.

Note: The STEM PUSH Network is in the early phases of accreditation development. As this work continues to evolve, check back for additional details and plays!

Learn more about accreditation.

The STEM PUSH Network is partnering with the Middle States Association (MSA) to accredit PCSPs for their ability to broaden participation in STEM. This new accreditation model will give programs and admissions offices a common language for discussing the quality of rigorous precollege programs and student performance beyond racially-biased standardized test scores. The accreditation designation will reinforce that recommendations from PCSPs are worthy of careful consideration during admissions review processes.

While this aspect of STEM PUSH is still in its early stages, take time to understand the basics of accreditation and the quality standards PCSPs are developing as part of STEM PUSH. They will be evaluated on this criteria as part of the accreditation process.

Leads and members of the NYC STEM Education Network learned more about the accreditation process by meeting with the STEM PUSH team, their PCSPs, and admissions liaisons in their area.

Participate in meetings related to accreditation and actively contribute to framework design.

When the STEM PUSH Network launches its deeper accreditation work, the network team will ask cohort ecosystems to help build and brand the accreditation framework and provide feedback.

Promote accreditation to PCSPs and higher education institutions.

Once the STEM PUSH Network and MSA establish the accreditation framework, you can promote accreditation to your PCSPs and other STEM programs in your ecosystem. You can also promote the process to higher education institutions and admissions offices in your region to help them better understand the value accreditation communicates.