STEM PUSH Playbook

A Playbook for STEM Learning Ecosystems

Across the country

Ecosystems like yours are helping give the future of STEM education the PUSH it needs.

Now more than ever, our systems of learning are ripe for reinvention.

Too many classrooms, programs, and institutions lack the explicit equity focus needed to ensure each student succeeds. In turn, students from specific racial and ethnic groups, namely Black and Brown students, continue to be underrepresented in STEM majors and fields, creating not only a diversity deficit but a deficit of ideas and innovation needed to solve society’s most pressing problems.

Navigating the Playbook

Enacted Plays.

These plays have been tried and tested by STEM PUSH cohort ecosystems.

Aspirational Plays.

New, untested ideas that have the potential to be highly effective.

Read a Vignette.

Brief examples of how STEM PUSH cohort ecosystems have implemented a given play.

PUSH Play.

Soundbites from Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 ecosystems providing insight into their experience.

Quick Start Toolkit

These resources provide additional information on the STEM PUSH Network, the ecosystem role in advancing equitable STEM admissions, and specific tools you can use to begin recruiting PCSPs and sharing your work. Rather than strict templates, these are meant to be models that inspire and inform as you explore the playbook.

The STEM PUSH Network designed this digital playbook to help you: